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Biopolymers and natural fibre composites for multiple applications

GERMANY Technology collaboration OFFER Created: 18/05/2015
Last updated: 30/06/2015
Fecha límite: 29/06/2016

A research institute at a German university offers its know-how and processing technology for the manufacturing of prototypes made of biopolymers and natural fibre composites. The service and the know-how for the processing of bio-based parts are offered for less due to public funding. The request of further funding can be supported with expert knowledge and special experience. The institute seeks partners for a Research cooperation agreement.

Descripción completa

The German research institute's work is focused on the development and investigation of integrative plastic processing technologies for the resource efficient manufacturing of lightweight structures and systems. The coupled structure and process simulation using with analytical and numerical methods provide important information for optimized structure and process parameters.
The primary materials are modified high-performance polymers and compounds, but also renewable primary products, novel thermoplastic prepregs and bionic textile preforms. In order to produce complex, highly integrative, competitive parts, a fusion of originally separated technologies in varying thermoplastic and thermoset based processes are merged together. Numerous inventions of highly loaded hybrid components, active lightweight structures and structural systems with natural fibres emphasise the competences of the institute.

Main fields of research:
• Green Technologies for sustainable environmentalism
• Computation and design of fibre-reinforced structures
• Integrative lightweight technologies for complex hybrid components
• Coupling of polymer based processes for energy-efficient production technologies
• Manufacturing cells, machines and processes for metal/plastic components
• Process chains for manufacturing parts with renewable primary products and recycled materials
• Continuous processes for unidirectional and bionic thermoplastic prepregs
• Active composites and lightweight structures in mass production
The institute is structured in the following research groups:
Bioplastics and Natural Fibre Composites
• Sustainable material concepts for extrusion and injection molding
• Short, long and continuous fibre-reinforcement for biobased
• Lightweight structures
• Application-oriented modification of bioplastics and natural fibre reinforced materials
• Recycling concepts for biobased plastics
Endowed Chair Textile Plastic Composites
• Pressure resilient 3D knitted fabrics
• Load-adapted textiles and preforms
• Textile preforms for injection moulding processing
• High loaded textile reinforcement structures
• Analysis and modification of system components
Computation, Simulation and Design
• Draft and calculation of fibre-reinforced composite structures
• Stress adapted dimensioning, crash and impact simulation
• Coupled structure and process simulation
• Application of physically based failure criteria and degradation models
Polymer Technologies and Machine Design
• Reproducible steps of plastic processing for mass production
• Lightweight technologies for hybrid structural components
• Interfaces for coupling plastics technologies
• Fusion of plastic based processes
• Handling of limp semi-finished products
Active Materials and Composite Structures
• Lightweight-oriented construction for fiber-reinforced plastics
• Fatigue resistant composite spring elements for the automotive industry and mechanical engineering
• Integration of sensors, actors and electronic devices in plastic parts
Lightweight Constructions in Civil Engineering
• Lightweight hybrid materials for civil engineering
• Bearing structures following paradigm of nature
• Load transmission and joining technologies
• Structure integrated systems for construction monitoring
• Multi-functional fiber-reinforced hybrid structures
Extrusion Technologies and Recycling
• Development of novel extrusion and machine concepts
• Alternate solutions for compounding biomaterials
• Substitution of multi-stage processes by direct extrusion
• Recycling strategies of polymeric residual materials and fiber-reinforced parts
Fluid Lightweight Systems
• Energy-optimised hydraulic systems in lightweight constructions
• Pneumatic drives with adaptive characteristics
• Self-learning pneumatic drive systems
• Fiber- and textile functionalisation.

The institute seeks partners for a Research cooperation agreement.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The research institute is loooking for Industrial partners in the branch of plastic processing which are interested in the application of biobased materials and fiber composites. Tools for the processing of prototypes should be temporarily provided by the partner.

Advantages & innovations:

The research institute offers its know-how in the fields of:
• Sustainable material concepts for extrusion, injection molding and other manufacturing methods for thermosets and thermoplastics
• Short, long and continuous fibre reinforcement for bio-based lightweight structures
• Application-oriented modification of bioplastics and natural fibre reinforced materials
• Material appropriate design of manufacturing processes and machines
• Recycling concepts for bio-based plastics and composites in post-industrial and post-consumer appliances
• Expert knowledge of processing of biopolymers (PLA, PHB, CP, CA and more) and natural fiber reinforced compounds (short, long and endless fiber reinforcement, hemp, flax, sisal, coconut, rayon …)
For processing of the prototypes our institute offers a huge bandwith of plastic processing machines:
• Injection molding machines (clamping units from 150 kN to 25000 kN)
• Micro injection molding machine with clamping unit of 50 kN
• Single and twin screw extruder with various screw designs for compounding and extrusion of flat films and profiles
• PU-Inline-Coating system
• Plasma chamber (low pressure)
• RTM – resin transfer molding
Currently a variety of industrial produced biopolymers are available e. g.: Polylactide (PLA); Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) and cellulosic plastic as well as “Drop In”-polymers e.g. Bio-Polyethylene and Bio-Polyamide.
Even though the Drop-In polymers can be handled as the petrochemical polymers the processing of the bio-based polymers with new chemical structures could be challenging.

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The usable biopolymers are available on the commercial market. Prices and available amounts vary.


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This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [605658].

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