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Japanese plastic lab equipment manufacturer seeks sales agents and distributors

A Japanese manufacturer specialised in plastic made lab equipment in the field of physical/chemical and clinical science is looking for partners in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, France and Spain. Partners sought should have contacts with companies who own their labs and/or universities/institutes who are in need of such equipment for tests and research. A distribution or commercial agency agreement will be finalised with the potential partner.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement
Descripción completa

The Japanese company has been active in the injection moulded plastic industry for over 40 years, and is specialised in lab equipment in the fields of physical/chemical and clinical science, such as precision products for microorganisms, cells and DNA.

The company?s proprietary technology and their specific know-how lies in:
·the specialisation in small objects for handling delicate and precise products such as cells and microorganisms
·the ability for creating spotless products: no impurity is contained and no object is adhered
·temperature resistance: possible storage in frozen in liquid nitrogen or autoclaved at a high temperature (120 ° C)
·the knowledge on elution: solutions for the leakage of oil and alcohol from containers
·surface modification: controlling surfaces of substrates that play an important role in cell fixing for cell culture
·the ability of moulding not only for general purpose resins (Polypropylene and Polycarbonates) but also for biodegradable resins (Polylactic acid and Polyglycolide) and medical grade material.

The company?s products have been developed in collaboration with and based on special needs of their clients.

Many of them are the result of industry-university driven collaboration, including:

·Filter for Leukocytes
·Cell aggregation retrieval devices
·Plasma separation device for MicroRNA retrieval
·Triple packaging products for regenerative medicine
·Micro Pipettes equipped with a triple speed turbo dial

Currently, the Japanese company is seeking business partners in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, France and Spain, under distribution services or commercial agency agreement.

Thanks to positive past experiences with EU companies, the company thinks that there is still room for improvement for their EU activities especially in the above mentioned countries.

The potential partners should have relevant networks within R&D centres and universities. They would benefit from a possible agreement by providing their clients a new range of high quality products that outperform standard one on the market.

Support will be provided to the partners in terms of: samples (only for the first time and depending on kinds of products), brochures in English and photos of products for promotion.

Should the agents/distributor be exhibiting in a fair, the company may also eventually be able to send a staff locally for onsite support.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Potential partners are expected to have experience in trading, distributing or selling lab equipment and have a network with companies who own their labs, or universities and institutes who use disposable lab equipment for pathological test or research.

Experienced partners with a broad knowledge on how to obtain local import permits for this type of products will be preferred.

Advantages & innovations:

The company developed a surface modification junction technique without using adhesive, a technique not managed by other companies.

· Junction of hard-to-adhere plastic: bonding of Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP) and Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC).
· Junction in applications where adhesives cannot be used:reducing the possibility of elution of cytotoxic substances.
· Junction in applications in which thermal welding cannot be used: there are many cases that a fine machining shape is required in the life sciences field, however, thermal welding cannot be used in most of cases because high temperature collapses its fine shape, such as microscale graduations and devices of minute fine passage.
· The company?s surface modification junction technology is suitable for junction of microfabricated products without affecting the shape because it modifies the junction surface at molecular level.

The company implements a high-precision process only with injection moulding without any post-processing such as laser beam machining, to a degree which was considered impossible in plastic processing until recently.

The company manufactures its moulds and dies through metal microfabrication, adopting a high abrasive machining process called diamond process to achieve high dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness.

This allows for:
· Manufacturing microneedles of few microns in which the tip hole diameter is thinner than the hair that is 80µ
· Achieving smoother and higher quality product than general fabrication such as laser beam machining that tend to occur unevenness in quality and surface accuracy.
· Accomplishing cost-efficiency and stable quality for mass production that are not achieved by general microfabrication.

The company?s products have a long life expectancy (as twice as long as conventional ones).

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