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French company in formulation of bioplastic solutions seeks technical cooperation agreements.

A French company involved in research and development in the field of bioplastics has developed an expertise to assist others companies in the development of bioplastic solutions. It is specialized in accompanying plastic converters or outsourcers who want to develop and integrate products or packaging into bioplastics

Expertise consists of furniture of services for the development of materials tailored to meet specifications and for the characterization of bioplastics. In addition to these services, the company assist the client in all stages of its development (searching for partners and fundings, drafting the specification, certification,...etc).

The company is in contact with current producers of PLA, PHA, biopolyesters ... and future biopolymers. Its main references are stored in France, with each of them a few tons, which allows the SME to be reactive when testing. Most of its references have European certificates of composting, food contact and the REACH directive.

Based on significant experience and a partner expertise of a national and international network the company develops materials fulfilling the desired specifications by plastic processing (compounding, injection moulding) and characterization machines.

The company has a characterization laboratory capable of determining the main mechanical and thermal properties of bioplastic materials.

The centre may, for example, provide the partner with a complete data sheet on any bioplastic material or even characterize the performance achieved through the incorporation of fillers or natural fibers.

The work of the centre:

Optimization of the mechanical properties of bioplastics:
- Softening of materials, increased shock resistance.
- Increased stiffness.

Improved thermal properties (negative cold, high temperature> 100 ° C).

Incorporation of plant fibers (wood, bamboo, hemp, miscanthus ...).

Modification/control of the speed of biodegradable plastics degradation (acceleration or reducing the rate of degradation).

Formulation development from co-products industry (mainly food).

Development of formulations substitution of fossil-based plastics like PVC / ABS / PS shock ...

Adaptation of existing bioplastics market for producers materials (type PHA ...).

The company is looking for technical cooperation with some companies interested in changing materials they use or they sell by more environmentally friendly materials as bioplastics. Companies could be in sectors of plastic processing, packaging, consumer products, transportation, construction?or bioplastics producers (compounders).

The current and potential domains of application are plastic processing, packaging, consumer products and bioplastics producers.

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This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [605658].

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